Galactic Soldier

Project description

The fun of an arcade game on your phone with or without network connection !

Join the galactic soldiers in their fight against the invaders !

Find the old-fashioned charm of a simple and uncluttered arcade game !

Choose from 5 ships and eliminate enemies & asteroids to gain experience and gain levels !

Unlock trophies, meet the challenges and become the best galactic soldier of all time.

Face your friends and get the best score to claim to be the best !

Realized by a self-taught developer in the field of video games thanks to Unity technology.

A network connection is required to access all the features of the game !

Several updates can be added later, depending on your feedback.


Application name : Galactic Soldier

Platforms : Android

Languages :

Price : Free

Release date : May 2016

Note (according to Stores) :

Android : 4.4 or later
Version : 2.2
Update : August 24, 2017

Developed by : WestFR
Technology : Unity

Some elements of this game come from the sites below :

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