Project description

A simple & uncluttered strategy space game that let's you travel !

Invader's is a simulation space strategy game with an elegant design available only on Android but also developed on iOS (code available on GitHub, see below).

Improve your buildings and technological research to develop your space city !
Build your space fleet to attack your enemies to become the best invader of space !

Start your adventure now, explore the galaxy and discover these wonders.

This application allows you to control a space invader in a science fiction universe with a simulated warfare system.

Some pages of this application have infinite lists to make the user's choices easier and to display more data over time.

This one was done independently during my year of training in "Licence professionnelle DIM - Equivalent Bachelor of Science (Multisupport IT Developer - In sandwich course)".

This application requires a network connection to work.
It does not collect any personal information.

Some updates may be provided to keep the application running.


Application name : Invader's

Platforms : Android iOS

Languages :

Price : Free

Release date : May 2018 (for Android).
                            No release for iOS.

Note (according to Stores) :

Android : 4.4 or later
Version : 3.2
Update : October 5, 2018

iOS : 10.0 or later
Version : No release
Update : No update

Developed by : WestFR
Technology : Android Studio, XCode

Some elements of this game come from the sites below :

Click on a link to see the online demonstration of the application on the desired platform.

– Demo. Android

– Demo. iOS

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