Project description

A mythical game revisited in the colors of a big company.

Keepman is a "Pacman" video game designed to be used as an internal Teasing tool within Somfy for the promotion of an innovative new product.

This game revisits the Pacman universe by diverting the iconic characters from the original game to the Somfy brand product.

This game allows you to control a alarm central in a "retro-gaming" universe with a system of infinite levels.

The goal is to establish the best score by avoiding thieves or by eating them and bonus points. Scores are managed instantly and visible at all times.

The app also allows you to send and receive notifications to push information related to the upcoming product.

The latter was developed under a contract "Auto-Entrepreneur" established in the company Somfy and myself.

This is why this game is not available for free download.

Nevertheless, you will find below screenshots of the application.


Application name : Keepman

Platforms : Android iOS PC (Windows)

Languages :

Price : Free

Release date : No release

Android : 4.4 or later
iOS : 8.0 or later

Version : Unknown
Update : No update

Developed by : WestFR
Technology : Unity

Some elements of this game come from the site below :

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