Project description

A simple, effective & secure communication app !

Securo'Chat is a "Messenger" application designed to facilitate the exchange of secure messages between one or more individuals.

It allows the communication of sensitive information. Each message is deleted from the system after reading by the recipient.

After a simple registration, we can create or join an already existing group to "chat".

Based on MQTT & RabbitMQ technologies for fast exchange of informations.

This application requires a network connection as well as a server to run (not deployed online).

This is why it's not available for free download.

Nevertheless, you will find below several screenshots of the application, presenting it in its nominal operation.


Application name : Securo'Chat

Platforms : Android

Languages :

Price : Free

Release date : Not out

Android : 4.4 or later
Version : 1.0
Update : No update

Developed by : WestFR
Technology : Android Studio

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