V1 - Steven Francony

Project description

Version 1 of the site "stevenfrancony.fr" posted online in 2016 and closed in December 2017.

The first version of the website was designed to present my experiences, my skills and my achievements.

In addition, the latter presented in detail my Youtube channel.

The development of the site allowed me to discover my first WEB languages ​​and more specifically the specificities of CMS Wordpress, on which it is based.

Over time, several updates have been made to maintain the stability and compatibility of the site.

After more than a year of service, I wanted to rethink the design & get a new user experience.

That's why I decided to develop a new version of the site based on a new technology & opt for a different presentation.

This first version closed its doors in December 2017 & will no longer be accessible.

Nevertheless, you will find below several screenshots of this site before its closure.


Website name : V1 - Steven Francony

Platforms : Web Smartphones

Languages :

Release date : February 2016

Update : 2016 - 2017

Closing date : December 2017

Developed by : WestFR

Technology : Wordpress (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP)

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